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African Care ry is a non-governmental organization operating in the fields of health, education and gender equality. African Care ry was established in 2001 in Helsinki by women of African descent with expertise in health care and social services. Since the beginning, we have strived to support female empowerment and the improvement of women’s rights and conditions in Finland and the Global South.

African Care’s projects and activities revolve around the themes of health, education and gender equality. We aim to enhance cross-cultural understanding and to reduce discrimination by promoting open dialogue and equal participation. Our projects strive to improve women’s sexual and reproductive health and to prevent domestic violence, honor crimes and female genital mutilation through empowering and educating communities, women and girls in particular, about safe sexual practices and their human rights.

Activities in Finland

African Care organizes weekly peer group activities in Helsinki for immigrant women. In addition, we help to coordinate Finnish language courses for stay-at-home immigrant parents. African Care also runs a global education project for youth called Uncovering power structures – the impact of global power structures on women’s lives in the developing world.

We are also active in organizing and facilitating trainings and seminars for local authorities and health service students and professionals on multiculturalism, female genital mutilation and honor violence.

African Care ry has an office in Töölö, Helsinki (Mannerheimintie 40 A) and group facilities in Meri-Rastila (Meri-Rastilan kuja 2 B).

Development Cooperation

African Care coordinates one development cooperation project in Somalia with the support of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Maternity Clinic and Training project supports a maternity clinic located in Afgooye, 30 km from Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. The clinic supports the empowerment of local women by offering access to nearby, cost-free health advice and services.

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