African Care ry organizes peer groups for immigrant women in Meri-Rastila, Helsinki.


The groups are open to all immigrant women. The groups discuss different themes relating to health and well-being based on the participants’ wishes. African Care’s instructors lead the discussion together with visiting experts. We use Finnish but we always try to help with translation. A babysitter takes care of children during the discussions. There are currently two groups and a meeting point café for women. The groups and the café are organized at African Care’s group facilities (Meri-Rastilan kuja 2 B, Helsinki). The facilities are located near Rastila’s metro station in the same  building with S-Market.


AILA- group focuses on family well-being. Various experts visit the group to discuss themes such as parenting, the education system and family services. The group meets on Mondays at 12-14.30.


ILONA- group focuses on women’s well-being. Various experts visit the group to discuss themes such as sports, nutrition, mental well-being and health services. The group meets on Fridays at 14.45-17.45

Meeting point café

At the meeting point café you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while getting to know other women living in Helsinki in a relaxed atmosphere. Private counseling is also available during the café opening hours. The café is open on Wednesdays at 11-13.

Women’s Club

Women’s club is planned and led by African Care’s volunteers, who organize weekly activities such as cooking, sports and crafts. The club is held on Thursdays at 13-15.


Women’s swimming group is for immigrant women. Swimming group is organized on Saturdays at 16.00 to 17.00 and at 17.00 to 18.00 at Kuntokeidas Sandels (Välskärinkatu 4, Helsinki). Swimming costs 30€ for 10 times and requires a swimsuit made from swimsuit fabric and a swimming cap. The group meets on Saturdays.


For further information on women’s activities contact Laura Ranki (050 3785660 / laura.ranki(at) or Batulo Essak (0400 671288 / batulo.essak(at)



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