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At the moment African Care is running two projects promoting immigrant integration in Finland; a well-being project and Our Family –activities.



Project promoting the well-being, health and social inclusion of immigrant women and their families begun in 2015.  The project’s aim is to develop a service model based on group activities and customer guidance that takes into consideration the special needs of immigrant women. It is a three year project funded by STEA, running from 2015 to 2017.

The project’s peer groups for men and women are visited by versatile experts of varying welfare and health services. The participants are provided with new information on services and factors influencing health and well-being. An advisory service offers Individual support and guidance on how to reach the services. Adoption of healthy life-style is promoted through practical methods, joint activities and healthy cooking.  A swimming group, cooking classes and field trips are also organized as part of the project.

The project co-operates with varying Helsinki city offices, organizations and educational establishments. The project’s objective is to reaffirm collaboration between operators by increasing exchange of information and adding customer guidance, and to improve the experts ‘and students’ understanding of multicultural customer work and knowledge of services provided by organizations.


African Care is running Our Family –activities as part of the new project for 2017. The activities focus on the role of women in different cultures. The activities consist of a peer group and a meeting point café for women with immigrant background as well as native Finnish women. The objective is to increase interaction between women of different cultural backgrounds and to promote migrant women’s integration and functional competence of Finnish. It is a one-year project for 2017 funded by the city of Helsinki.

The project’s peer group for women focuses on topics relating to family and relationships. Experts from social, health and educational fields visit the group and the participants are provided with the newest information on parenting, the role of the spouse and the possibilities for working and free time activities. The visiting experts increase the knowledge of local services offered to the target group. In addition, the participants are urged to look into the possibilities for free time activities and offered personal guidance if necessary.

The project’s meeting point café provides a relaxing atmosphere for meeting other women from Helsinki while enjoying a cup of coffee. Trips to different venues and locations are planned and organized together with the participants. Our Family activities also include pop-up group meetings in the Eastern Helsinki region. Pop-up group meetings are organized at resident facilities and the topics covered in the meetings are similar to those in the main group. Info-sessions are organized to inform native Finns of Our Family –activities.


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