Action against FGM -training on 14.8.2021


African Care is organizing an Action against FGM -training on Saturday 14.8. at 10-14.00. The training offers participants timely information and support for taking action against FGM in the workplace and in communities. The training will be organized in Finnish and/or English according to participants’ needs. The session will take place in Helsinki, Meri-Rastila if the current covid-19 situation allows and the training is free of charge to all participants. 

Training participants are expected to take three actions against FGM during 2021. An action against FGM could be organization of a discussion event, post on social media or discussing the topic in an appropriate work setting. African Care ry offers support in the planning of actions and small monetary compensations can be provided to cover any expenses from taken actions.  

The training will include:
– Information on FGM (scale, forms, research and work in Finland)
– Information on work against FGM (ex. law, support services, tools for discussion)
– Support for planning of anti-FGM action

The training is designed for:
– Over 18 years olds
– Individuals who have a multicultural background and/or have moved to Finland from elsewhere.
– Individuals with good interaction skills and cultural sensitivity. Individuals who feel it is important to talk about FGM at their place of work or in own community. 

The training participants should begin planning of anti-FGM action before training and during training these ideas can be developed. Participants do not need to have previous knowledge about FGM, but should be interested in the topic.

Please sign up before 6.8. through this form: Applicants will be interviewed briefly prior to training by telephone during weeks 31 and 32.

If you’d like more information about the training you can contact Paula Heikkilältä or Jenna Soikkeli 

We warmly welcome you to join us!

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