YASMIN – WOMEN’s resource center (2013-2015)


Women’s Resource Center took place in the city of Afgooye in southern Somalia. African Care worked in cooperation with local NGO Banadir Women Development Organization (BWDO). BWDO supports local women who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, such as widows and orphans.

The Yasmin project provided new opportunities for disadvantaged women and increased the standard of living of many families in Banadir area in southern Somalia.  Yasmin Resource Center offered training and courses on vocational skills such as dressmaking, ceramics, building smokeless stoves, basket and mat making, creating henna-tattoos and shoemaking. The project also provided new opportunities to start a business by organizing courses on micro-business management skills.

During the project, 397 women completed 4-month training program. According to the interviews, the participants had a strong sense, that training had improved their possibilities in the labor market and to support themselves and their families. The project also provided equipment and micro-loans for start-up businesses. During the project, 23 new businesses were established.

During the project, the nutrition, hygiene and health knowledge of the 397 participants extended, as program included compulsory courses on these themes. The program also offered courses on human rights (including themes such as women’s rights and Female genital mutilation, FGM).  After the courses, the beneficiaries were better educated and knew more about their own rights and in addition, they and their families were better able to lead a healthy life.

The project enhanced the capacity of the partner organization BWDO as well as many other CSOs working for empowerment of women in southern Somalia. The project organized three 3-day long seminars for CSOs where altogether 49 CSO representatives took part. The seminars concentrated on familiarizing the participants with each other and each other’s work. Some other topics that were on the list were: how to end violence against women, women’s political participation and women’s mental health.  During the project, the cooperation between the CSOs increased leading to a more efficient work for gender equality in Somalia.


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