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Story Sharing Café


Lämpimästi tervetuloa Story Sharing Café-tapahtumaan torstaina 24.11 klo 17.30 alkaen African Caren ryhmätiloihin Meri-Rastilaan (Meri-Rastilan kuja 2 B, 3.kerros, S-Market talo)!

Puhumme ainakin suomea, englantia, arabiaa ja ruotsia.

Voit ilmoittautua tapahtumaan tekstiviestitse/puhelimitse: 041 5287576 tai 050 3784400

Järjestäjä: Story Sharing Universum -projekti yhteistyössä Alba ry, Suomen Punainen Risti, Helsingin Kaupunki, Universum ry.
Tämä Story Sharing Café on osa Helsingin kaupungin Kohtaamiskahviloita.

A warm welcome to Story Sharing Café on thursday the 24th of November from 5.30 pm onwards at African Care’s group facilities in Meri-Rastila (Meri-Rastilan kuja 2 B, 3rd floor, S-Market building)!

Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where immigrants, asylum seekers and Finns can meet and share stories together. Come and listen to stories at the coffee tables! You may as well freely share your everyday stories and memories in small groups guided by our Story Sharing group. Nobody has to perform. We also have some special storytelling guests, skilled musicians and open story-sharing mic. We will create a heart-warming and enjoyable event!

We speak at least English, Finnish, Arabic and Swedish.

Please reserve a place at the event by text/calling: 041 5287576 or 0503784400

Organized by: Story Sharing Universum -project in cooperation with Alba ry, Finnish Red Cross, Helsinki City Council and Universum ry.

This Story Sharing Café is part of the Helsinki City Meetingpoint Cafees.




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